A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House

A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House


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Quotes He may not tell you what you want to hear, but Magus tells you the facts as he sees them. In my case it was a spot on reading that came with some excellent advice. Rock on! Quotes

Quotes I needed help and turned to Magus, he helped me get rid of all the bad. I am so happy and free!! He really does listen... Quotes

Quotes Magus helped me so much. He gave me detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. Now I feel I can safely perform magik again.i would seriously recommend Magus to anyone. Quotes

Quotes I cannot thank Magus enough for helping me get my life back. I had tried everything to control the uncontrollable chaos in my life and nothing had ever worked. I prayed to God to show me what I am not seeing and two days later I found Thaumaturgy777 online. I was desperate and felt like I had nothing to lose. My goal was to regain a normal life; nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to Magus's services and guidance I have my normal life back. The email correspondance with Magus was direct, to the point and honest. He was always available to answer questions. I immediately felt comfortable and that he is very knowledgeable. His insight is unmatched. Using his services seriously changed my life and I will be forever greatful. Quotes

Quotes Just completed my first tarot workshop at T-777 this last weekend. I really enjoyed the intimate setting with only a few other students. Skilled insight was presented based on what knowledge students brought to the table and was expanded upon in a way that left me feeling how to continue my study in tarot outside of the class room. Can't wait for the next class! Thanks T-777! Quotes
Beginners Tarot- Great Introduction

Quotes The "sleepies" tea is absolutely wonderful! From my experience with herbs, I can see that these are high quality ingredients. This blend helps me relax better than any store brand I have ever tried, and the flavor is delicious! I also like that I can brew this tea as strong or weak as I please. I am a fan for life, and I would recommend this tea to everyone! Quotes
Patricia G.
herbal remedy enthusiast

Quotes I came to Thaumaturgy 777 , my needs were urgent. Each time he was able to locate the real nature of the problem even though I was so imobalized that I could hardly verbalize. He did what he said he would do and the help came . It was beautiful! And, the work is still manifesting results. There are no words! Quotes
Pamela Diane Lewis
" Thankful "

Quotes I have some comments about the course. After seeing and trying other [courses] online, I must say that this course is the most complete for beginners. I don?t know why other courses suffer from a lack of completeness, but they don?t cover what?s necessary for beginners to develop in a safe and effective manner (and it?s not that they are advanced courses!). There are many [important] points that [they] do not touch, [either they] wanted to hide or simply have been overlooked, and then many people have problems they can?t solve. Or things are taught halfway, and then there are problems the student is clueless [about] and does not know what to ask to get ahead, because he/she will not even think that it is the result of what they have learned! Your course is recommended [by me] because it is effective, plus because it does not leave loose ends for student safety, so I say it's full. Quotes
Student of the Nascent Magician course (in South America)

Quotes Magus provided me with very practical advice and effective techniques on how to remove unwelcome supernatural forces from my home. As clergy in the local community I was used to knowing how to deal with whatever came my way. When I found myself over my head he was there when there wasn?t anyone else I could turn to. His methods and perspective are a bit different than what I am used to, but wow does it work. Give it a chance! I am so grateful. Quotes
High Priestess serving local pagan community

Quotes She [another student] thought I would like [the NM course], so I signed up as well. All in all, I have enjoyed the lessons and learning. My favorite may always be the Witch Bottle as well as the SATOR [square]. Just so you know, I have read every lesson and done bits and pieces for now. She and I have been doing BOTA (Builders of the Aydtum). My goal after I get lesson 12 is to be able to print all the lessons out and start again from the start. Some of your material goes hand in hand with the BOTA. I enjoy doing these types of work/study as a group or partner, helps motivate me. For the "average" or unmotivated person, the lessons with the daily list, could prove too much but for the serious person, it should prove to be challenging and very worthwhile. All people should gain from the lessons though one way or another if they read them. Quotes
Nascent Magician Student
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